Tuesday, August 31, 2010

cant catch me!

cuz I'm the gingerbread man!  I love the crazy wig this dog is wearing too

It was going to be a 7 but now its an 8 cause he looks deelicious!

HostGator review

Shiver me timbers!

Arr, This be long john silver, hand over ye booty or ye be in Davy Jones Locker!

9/10 cause the dog has a real peg leg

Special 2 parter!

This post is going to have 2 pictures instead of the usual 1 so enjoy the bonus!

Mr Dog Bergerlar has escaped from jail (Instead of Cat Bergerlar) His crime was stealing 1000 dog bones.

He better run though, becaus hot on his heels is Dog the Bounty hunter!


Dogs in costumes r awesum!

Haha! my blog has only been up for a little while but I already have people who want to read it and follow me, u guys are so awesum! I had a request that I put up a yorkey. So here it is.

I like when animals, especially dogs dress up like other aminals. I hope he dosent try and eat that banana cause it's not even real. I wonder if dogs like bananas

8/10 cause monkys are awesum

Beer Dog

Sometimes the dog drinks my dad's beer and he gets mad at him, but if my dad did this to my dog then the dog would be even madder. This costume is really stupid and mean to the dog.


Like in the old west!

Sometimes when I see dogs in funny costumes, I like to talk in what I think there voice would sound like if they were really the people whose costumes there wearing.

"Howdy ma, sure is a fine day, isn't it?"
"Sure is pa, you done water them crops yet?"
"sure have, I been done since almost after high noon I reckon"

Sometimes I do the voices for my friends and they think it's funny too, they like my chineese voice the best


Dog dressed like old lady!

I think it's funny when dogs dress up like people, In this picture, a dog dresses up like an old lady who is going to church or something! Purple is totally her color!


Hot dogs!

I don't want to eat these dogs, I want to snuggle with them!

5/10 for left, 4/10 for right, I like catchup better!

Dogs in costumes!

I think its funny wen dogs dress up like for haloween or if its there birthday, I have funny pictures to share with you of dogs who r dressed up and I tell you what I think and I'll rait them from 1 to 10. 1 is kinda cool and 10 means it's a super awsum dog costume.

Don't be late 4 class, Dr Scratcher means business! 6/10