Saturday, September 4, 2010

More Zeke!

Zeke has been the most popular dog on the site so far, and that even includes beer dog, which people really thought was funny. So Laura put up another picture of Zeke where he still has awesum lazer beam eyes!

Zeke should be proud because out of all the dogs I have posted about other dogs, Zeke got the most comments and they were all comments about how cool he was. It made me think that more people could be my friend on facebook and then if they have a good picture of a dog or something they want to tell me they can. If you want to write a blog of your own or something, maybe I can even show you how.


  1. lol the party hat, so cute


  2. haha, I know the party hat isn't really a whole costume, but Zeeke is the best anyway

  3. This dog can be proud, because he looks pretty cool!